PRYZ Vested Strategic Sale To Go LIVE!

As promised our developer has corrected the smart contract issues, meaning we can now go live with our Strategic Sale. Contributions can be made to the link below from 6PM UK time.

The sale will be open to all those who are on the Whitelist for 24 hours. The pricing will be as follows. 250 Matic is the minimum and 1000 is the maximum.

Please only contribute using the below values.

250 Matic = 500k PRYZ

500 Matic = 1m PRYZ

750 Matic = 1.5m PRYZ

1000 Matic = 2m PRYZ

Tokens purchased in the sale will be vested over a 5 month period with 20% releasing every 30 days.

Funds raised from this sale will be used to deliver the roadmap. With the main focus being on the NFT marketplace, Farm development and our pre-sale platform. We will also be using a portion to add the initial LP to the farm once that is launched.

All those who take part in the Private Sale will be eligible for the BRUCIE. Details of this will be confirmed after the private sale has taken place.

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