This morning some of the plans for PRYZ 2.0 were posted in our telegram by Harry, so we thought it would be a great idea to summarise the latest bits of news for our community here.

The AirDrop

Last weeks airdrop was officially the last as PRYZ begins its pivot to 2.0. The airdrop lottery was never planned to be the longterm and only use case for PRYZ and its eco system. Although airdrops will remain part of the tokenomics going forward. How they will be done and what will be airdropped will be laid out in the coming weeks.

Increased Reflection

As of last night (Sunday 4th July) the code for PRYZ was changed so that instead of 2% being split between holders for each PRYZ transaction on the BSC, it will now be 5% of each transaction and the 1% will still be burnt from the supply from the 6% TX Fee.

The PRYZ Incubator

Part of the main PRYZ pivot going forward will be to build a token launchpad/incubator on the new PRYZ website. With PRYZ offering its holders the chance to enter pre sales to projects which choose to use the PRYZ launchpad service. This was always the long term goal as pre-sales are seen to be the most profitable part of crypto. Also using the PRYZ incubator means the team will be fully vetting any projects which come on board and making sure they do all the right things in terms of locking tokens and LP.

As things stand we are in talks with several projects as we still want to launch some between now and the full 2.0 switch.

If you are a dev looking to launch a project please email

Team Growth

As per Harrys update we need to expand our reach as a team and are actively looking for more people to come on board with the view to helping us build out communities for new projects. If you are interested in being part of PRYZ please fill out this form.

So make sure you keep those #EYEZONTHEPRYZ for more updates…

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