PRYZ to Incubate Liquidus!

PRYZ Token have announced the next project to launch under the PRYZ Incubator..

Introducing LIQUIDUS

Liquidus and the team behind it has a great vision: Bringing DeFi to a mainstream audience — finally!

We think you’ve read this phrase many times before from other projects. However, there is still no easy-to-use application on the market that solves this problem. At Liquidus this is what we want to change, and we are glad that we’ve been able to put a great team together, consisting of 10 experienced crypto investors, entrepreneurs & developers all with the vision to make this a reality.

What’s the next step for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

We believe that the entire traditional banking sector will be replaced by blockchain technology and DeFi protocols over the next years. Monetary transactions and banking won’t be processed any longer by centralised banks and their servers but will be transitioned to run on blockchains that can be accessed by DeFi protocols.

However, current difficulties of the DeFi market are that it is very complex to non-crypto affine users to use Dapps and take loans or to allocate funds to all the different platforms in order to earn interest.

If you are reading this article, you are probably an early adopter of crypto and DeFi and you’ve been accessing various different DeFi protocols using their Dapps and connected your wallet to those pages in your browser. But not everyone is in the same position and some people will and do find the Defi space a complex minefield. This can sometimes lead to people losing funds and then in turn becoming switched off to Defi and the crypto space.

Liquidus will be the first native app for iOS and Android that provides a secure and easy-to-use wallet with access to all major projects cross-chain.

Our vision is to provide a one stop shop solution that gives users access to all of the leading DeFi projects.

  1. Make swaps using our integrated swap feature with automatic cross-chain capability. For example, swap ETH that you are holding on Ethereum and receive CAKE on the Binance Smart Chain.

These are just the core features of the Liquidus app. More articles will be released soon.

As with all projects launched under the PRYZ incubator there will be options of presale access to PRYZ holders..!

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