PRYZ — pre-launch update

Good evening to all PRYZ community members old and new.

If you have just joined us, we will be launching on the 20th of November at 6PM UTC. You will be able to purchase PRYZ via the Quickswap DEX, using MATIC. A detailed step-by-step how-to-buy guide will be released before launch.

PRYZ 1.0 Migration EXTENDED

In order to give those who missed the migration deadline a second chance- we have decided to re-open the migration process for any people who are still holding PRYZ 1.0 tokens.

You have until 14:00 UTC tomorrow (the 20th) as the last chance to surrender your PRYZ 1.0 tokens.

To migrate, please send your existing PRYZ 1.0 holdings to the following address:


You will need a small amount of BNB to pay a gas fee for the transaction. The team are on hand in Telegram and Discord should you need assistance.

After surrendering your 1.0 tokens, you will then be airdropped your PRYZ 2.0 tokens on launch tomorrow at 6PM UTC.

Please note you are no longer able to purchase 1.0 tokens.


Private sale details will be confirmed soon and there will be a contribution period to ensure everyone whitelisted has a chance.


PRYZ Token, aiming to connect Entrepreneurs to the Blockchain