PRYZ Partners with Night Life Crypto

PRYZ is proud to announce a Partnership with Night Life Crypto

NLIFE Discord:
NLIFE Telegram:

The Project Launches on the 11th June.

What is Night Life Crypto?

“NLIFE is a self-sustaining, all-on-chain gaming platform with zero fees for each game transaction, where users are able to stake liquidity. The NLIFE Gaming Platform brings several technical and strategic “firsts” to the online and blockchain gaming industry. NLIFE achieved these by harnessing the unique properties of Turtle Network in combination with the liquidity options on Pancakeswap.

Our second layer solution, Turtle Network, allows us to provide users with instant confirmation times for bets and results, as well as allow zero fees for each game transaction. This remarkable distinguishing feature simulating real life gaming experiences. Users start by purchasing tokens on Pancakeswap and sending them to their gaming wallet.

In the backend, BSC NLIFE tokens will be converted to tokens on Turtle Network and users are ready to play. When withdrawing tokens to your BSC wallet, gas fees are paid in NLIFE instead of BNB. This feature simplifies transactions so that the user does not have hold BNB for withdrawals.

Lastly, the user’s gaming wallet is non-custodial, meaning the user owns the seed phrase to their wallet, allowing the user to have full control, as well as the the only one who can access the wallet. For more infomationn, read our whitepaper.”

Why Are PRYZ Partnering with Night Life Crypto?

We see great potential in Night Life Crypto and we wanted to be able to provide our loyal PRYZ holders with the chance to receive a slice of this new, exciting project.

How do I receive the Airdrop of NLIFE Tokens?

In order to be eligible for the drop you must hold over 100 million PRYZ tokens in your wallet. If you meet this criteria, you will automatically receive your share of the NLIFE Airdrop. The PRYZ partnerships are the most exclusive Airdrop we offer on our platform, hence the the criteria.


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