PRYZ Migration 2.0 FAQ’s

Where do I send my current PRYZ holdings to?

Please send them all to the below address: 0x04Fc6D98eCf20E3bF4d04D566809a7Ed5F69e3c2

And be sure to fill out this form when done.

What is a TXN Hash?

This is the unique ID given to each transaction on the blockchain. This can be found on and will be linked to your wallet.

Where do I find the TXN Hash?

This can be found on and will be linked to your wallet.

Trust wallet users: click on Pryz > transaction > more details. This will open a web page to your transaction on where you can view the Hash.

Metamask users: Click on Pryz > transaction (sent) > VIEW ON Bscscan, this will open a web page to your transaction where you can view the Hash.

How do I add the Matic Network to my MetaMask or Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet users: Trust Wallet is already compatible with the Matic network and you do not need to configure the network manually.

Metamask users: You will need to configure the Matic network manually. Please follow this guide to proceed:

Why do we have to surrender our tokens?

After much debating, we as a team decided this was the best route. As we need to protect the current liquidity. Also by surrendering you are ensuring you get the like for like value and token QTY. This is something that cant be guaranteed if you just sold and then bought back in after the move.

I’ve sent my tokens and my Pryz balance is now 0?!?

This is to be expected as you have surrendered your tokens and we will be airdropping you the new tokens before the 2.0 launch — from our new token address (TBA).

How much of the Liquidity is going into 2.0?

We are going to put it all back into LP for 2.0 on the Matic Network.

Do I need a new wallet address on the Matic Network?

No, your BSC wallet address will be the same on Matic. This address can be used on MATIC, ETH and BSC networks.

What will happen to my current holdings if I don’t surrender?

On the 11.11.21 the liquidity on Pancakeswap for PRYZ on BSC will unlock and we will be removing it. Meaning that your holdings would go to zero.

What is the deadline to surrender my current holdings?

5.11.21 is the final day you can surrender your current holdings. Any transactions after this date will not be counted. We have made sure we have given everyone plenty of time to surrender before the move.

I’ve submitted surrendered my holdings and submitted the form, what next?

You can now sit back and relax! We will release details of the new token address and how to add this to your wallet through a Medium article closer to the launch date of Pryz 2.0.

What is the new supply of 2.0 and how will it affect my holdings?

We are moving from 100bn supply to 1bn total supply. Meaning if you have 100m PRYZ now you will get 1m PRYZ 2.0 back in the airdrop. Your value will remain the same the only thing that has dropped is the amount of tokens you hold.

Will there be any buy and sell taxes?

No this will be a zero tax token, also you will not longer get any fee distributions with 2.0.

If there are any questions we have missed please feel free to ask us in the telegram or message any of the team directly and we will be happy to help. Thanks to all that have supported us and been patient. We look forward to making the move with you and cant wait for you to see all that 2.0 has to offer!!!

The PRYZ Team…….