PRYZ are proud to announce their first 1.5 incubator.

Name: Nuts Gaming
Ticker: $NUTSG

What is the Purpose of Nuts Gaming?

NUTS Gaming will back professional poker players in tournaments around the world. A PokerSwap will be integrated with the website which will allow people to trade credits from the most known poker rooms and platforms into crypto and vice versa. Nuts Hub: NUTS hub is the platform of NUTS gaming. It is here that you will be able to participate in: -Tournaments -Coaching -Partnerships -Sponsoring -Skins/NFT marketplace -Streaming AND MORE!! But that’s not all, credibility? Economy Ecosystem? Get paid in $NUTSG! Whether you’re a dab hand at poker and want to be paid for coaching, or you’re on a roll and want to stream you’re gameplay to show off your best hand. You can set your rate and get paid in $NUTSG Finally, $NUTSG are partnered with some of the best poker players in the world and are in talks with many more to bring them on the $NUTSG roster. Stop bluffing, get your pokerface on and we’ll see you at the table !

Who are Nuts Gaming Partnering with?

Nuts Gaming are working with an extensive list of gaming streamers & Poker Player who will be confirmed in the near future.

The Tokenomics of $NUTSG

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Why are PRYZ Incubating Nuts Gaming

The PRYZ team see great potential in the $NUTSG eco-system. With a strong combination of Partnerships and experience in the core team we are confident we can bring their vision to reality and look forward to seeing the journey unfold.


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