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2 min readNov 29, 2021


After the smooth transition to MATIC from the BSC the time has come to announce how the PRYZ Launchpad Tier System will work.

Instead of it being based on token amounts the team have decided to make it based on $ value holdings. Similar to how DAOmaker and operate with their systems. This we feel is a fairer and simpler system for all and makes all tiers more accessible as the token price moves up.

Tier 1: Enthusiast : $500 Token Value

All holders with this value will be entered in to a lottery if there are any remaining whitelist spot left over for any incubator projects. Holders in this tier that also help with marketing any incubators will have a chance of multiple lottery entries.

Tier 2: VIP : $2000 Token Value

All holders with this value of tokens will be eligible for a whitelist spot on incubator projects.

Tier 3: Inner Circle : $5000

All holders with this value of tokens will be eligible for not only whitelist spots on all incubator projects, but will have access to any private sales. Should these take place with any projects incubated by PRYZ.

Please remember that tokens must be vested to take part in an incubator and this applies to all tiers. If your tokens are not locked during the required time period you will not be eligible to take part.



PRYZ Token

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