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2 min readFeb 24, 2022


As the PRYZ ecosystem develops, we tweak and refine features to improve our functionality as a launchpad. Our priority is, and always will be to deliver you (holders) early access to the highest quality blockchain and NFT based projects.

As we develop the business, we need to implement certain changes to improve the longevity and user experience of the PRYZ ecosystem.

The Enthusiast Tier just got an Upgrade.

Enthusiast Tier holders are now guaranteed a limited allocation pre-sale whitelist

Part of our mission is to build a launchpad that rewards all. The vision for our Enthusiast Tier is to create a realistic entry barrier for smaller investors.

We are pleased to announce that all Enthusiast tier holders will now be guaranteed a pre-sale whitelist allocation for our incubator projects. The allocation for Enthusiast tier holders will be 25% of the value of the full pre-sale allocation.

Example Scenario

The maximum pre-sale contribution for an upcoming incubator project is 1000USD for the VIP and Inner Circle Tier.

The Enthusiast tier maximum contribution here would be 250USD

Inner Circle will also have access to the private sale (where available)

With this update allowing more of the community to access our Incubators, we hope to expand the PRYZ ecosystem and create brand awareness by lowering the barriers to entry for the everyday user.

— The PRYZ team.



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