PRYZ 2.0 Update 26.10.21

Hello PRYZ Family,

We are pleased to announce that since we rolled out the surrender process we have had over 200 holders surrender their tokens ready for the move to 2.0. The new website is looking great and we cant wait to share it with you along with the new roadmap, features and white-paper.

After several meetings the team has decided to move the deadline for token surrendering to midnight of the 10.11.21. This is because we were concerned about anyone buying 1.0 after the original deadline then being stuck in with the token. Moving the deadline to the day prior to the LP removal reduces the chances of this happening and also gives more holders more time to surrender before the move.

With the move of the token surrender only being 24h prior to the LP. unlock we as a team also decided that we will delay the official launch of the 2.0 token by just over a week to 20.11.21. This gives us as a team more time to finalise the move and make sure everything runs smoothly. The new date will also tie in with the surprise we have planned which will be announced when the new token officially goes live on the MATIC network.

Remember if you have any issues or questions please be sure to make contact with any of the team.