PRYZ 2.0 — Liquidity Unlock & Next Steps.

As you are all aware, the liquidity was originally locked by us for 6 months. This will now unlock today.

As part of the 2.0 plans we will be removing the LP and using ALL of it to fund the LP for PRYZ 2.0 on the Matic network.

What does this mean?

Once we remove the LP this will render PRYZ 1.0 worthless. The token will go to 0 and anyone left holding PRYZ will not be able to sell back to BNB. We as a team have given all holders a generous period of one month which has been heavily advertised to make sure as many holders migrate as possible.

Where will the new LP be going?

When we add the LP back on to Matic we will be adding it to QuickSwap which is the number 1 DEX used on the Matic network. Quick works the same way as Pancakeswap or any other DEX. The only difference is that the native token you use to swap is $MATIC and not $BNB. Use the link below in your wallet browser if on mobile. If on your laptop just connect via your chrome extension as normal.

Where will the new LP be locked and for how long?

We will be locking the new LP for 6 months and will be using Unicrypt again which is seen as the crypto Gold standard.



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