PRYZ 2.0 27th September 2021 UPDATE

Since the last update I am pleased to announce that the new website layout and branding has been agreed and the new developer we have on board has begun work. We hope to get the front end available early October with the other new features we are working on coming online not long afterward.

We have another developer who is working on one of the new features and they have advised that this should be ready mid October.

But one nugget of information we all agreed we would share is this……

With ETH gas prices showing very little signs of letting up, we as a team have decided to make the side step on to the MATIC (POLYGON) network. MATIC works on ETH as a layer 2 solution and with its extremely low GAS fees makes it a perfect fit for PRYZ 2.0 as this will make the new features easier to use for all holders going forward. MATIC is also compatible with Trust Wallet and Meta Mask.

With regards to the migration, all holders will be given plenty of time to make the move. We are working on a method which will involve current holders surrendering their 1.0 PRYZ in return for the equivalent 2.0 tokens. More detailed instructions on how this will work will be released soon.

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