Post-launch update & FAQ

On the back of a smooth and successful launch, we can confirm that everyone who successfully migrated their PRYZ 1.0 holdings will have received the correct equivalent of 2.0 tokens.

We have several exciting Brucie Bonuses in the pipeline where ALL loyal holders will be able to benefit. You will NOT be eligible for this if you have sold any PRYZ 2.0 tokens. We are unable to reveal the detail yet, but can safely say that if you are a PRYZ 2.0 holder then you will be very pleased with what we have lined up! Investors of our upcoming Vested Strategic/ Private Sale will also be eligible for this.

Furthermore, via the PRYZ farm, ALL holders will be able to stake their tokens earning passive income. Full utilization of our upcoming PryzX protocol enables you to increase your holdings and tier status. Specific tier details will be revealed upon assessment of price stabilsation.

Below we will address some FAQs from our community:

Why did I receive fewer tokens than I surrendered?

To reiterate from our previous migration FAQ, 100 PRYZ 1.0 tokens are equivalent to 1 PRYZ 2.0 token. The dollar value of your 1.0 holdings is equivalent at the 2.0 launch price. This is due to us reducing our supply from 100bn to 1bn.

Why are the new tokens not visible in my wallet?

The new tokens have been sent back to the address from which you surrendered PRYZ 1.0 — so make sure you are checking the same wallet.

Brucie Bonus Tip: you can quickly check if you have received the 2.0 tokens by pasting your wallet address starting with 0x into Polygon Scan

You will also need to follow the below steps to view the tokens in your wallet.

Adding the Polygon/MATIC network to your wallet

Metamask: please refer to the below guide

Trust Wallet: this is already configured by default

Adding the new token address to your wallet

Token Address: 0x4414ac21b60c504dfea0a27679b90a278c2ca962

Network: Polygon

Name: PRYZ

Symbol: PRYZ

Decimals: 18


PRYZ Token, aiming to connect Entrepreneurs to the Blockchain