Community Update 6.9.21

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2 min readSep 6, 2021


Good evening PRYZ Community,

Since our last update Liquidus went on to raise over 800BNB for their initial pre-sale with the help of PRYZ and its community. We are all now eagerly awaiting their launch on the 2/10/21 as well as keeping our eyes peeled for any sneak peaks of the app in the mean time! But what has been happening with PRYZ since we announced the 2.0 plans we hear you ask??? Well here is some of what we've been up to!

The NEW Website: We have been teasing a new website for a number of weeks as you are all aware. We had a new site custom built, but due to the increased complexity integrating our new bespoke launchpad functionality and a complete re-branding of the token, the release date has slipped slightly. Further releases will detail the official launch of the new website however after listening to the community our existing website will be improved to ensure our investors “Eyez are on the PRYZ”.

NEW Team Members: In the last few weeks we have made some welcome additions to the PRYZ core team.

Will: Who will be focussing on design work and graphics.

George aka Big Nigel: Who will be supporting Derek in community comms.

Paul: Who will join Jake to work on all things technical.

Davie: Who will take on Twitter and other socials.

Please all welcome all 4 to the team. All the current founding team members are really pleased they have agreed to join us and believe all of them will help PRYZ push on.

2.0 Token: We can confirm that 2.0 will be a new token with a new supply which will be confirmed in the coming weeks. We are monitoring the ETH gas fees and are exploring making 2.0 bridge between ETH/BSC/MATIC networks. Which is something several other projects also do.

Rebrand: As you have seen today we have dropped the rebranded logo. As well as a new site we all agreed that we should scrap everything and start from the ground up with branding too. New Team and new ideas and a fresh start.

Incubators: We all agreed to take a step back from new launches after Liquidus so we could focus on PRYZ. We are still on the look out for new projects and have had several meetings. But for the next few weeks we as a team have decided all EYEZ should be on the PRYZ!



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