Building the next-generation launchpad

In this article, we will explore the idea of a traditional launchpad and how PRYZ aims to differentiate itself as the next-gen launchpad.

What is a launchpad?

Traditionally, the purpose of a Cryptocurrency launchpad is to provide opportunities to retail investors — giving them early access to cryptocurrency projects before they enter into the mainstream. It is also the responsibility of launchpads to do their due diligence and vetting in order to filter out scams and rug-pulls.

What makes PRYZ different to a traditional launchpad platform?

PRYZ aims to establish itself as one of the leading incubators for blockchain & fin-tech companies in the U.K. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bridge their current ventures, and visionary ideas onto the blockchain in a safe and secure manner.

Our vision is to revolutionise the IDO format and empower our holders with guaranteed access to the most exclusive opportunities available on any blockchain. No lottery, no luck required, if you meet the entry criteria you are whitelisted.

PRYZ empowers projects and enables them to unlock their full potential by using our tried and tested Incubation formula. Full access to our extensive network of experienced developers and team of dedicated staff here to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We will redefine whitelist access through a unique NFT system, giving more control to the end-user.

We will also look to address the lack of education in the Crypto space, by educating our community in the correct way. Providing the core resources needed to make an educated, informed decision on any investment.

An incubation is the process of a project launching through PRYZ. These projects are what we refer to as our “incubators”.

PRYZ provides its incubators with all the resources, connections and support they require, in order to establish themselves as a brand and business, with the ability to function on their own.

Fill out the form on our website and our team will be in touch with you to discuss further.

PRYZ Token, aiming to connect Entrepreneurs to the Blockchain