NFT-powered play-to-earn games are revolutionising the gaming world, with many gamers now earning a living playing titles like Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena. With Nova Creed looking to take a bit of the action…!

What are play-to-earn games?

Simply put, play-to-earn games are video games where the player can receive rewards with real-world value.

While people have been earning money from playing video games for many years through practices such as “gold farming” and unofficial marketplaces for in-game items, the emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs has, quite…

PRYZ is proud to announce the next incubator project: Nova Creed

The aim of Nova Creed is to create an NFT and P2E (play to earn) gaming Ecosystem with a difference. One that gives back to the community in leaps and bounds, redefining the standard of the NFT experience.


Web 3.0 is coming — but what is it, and where did Web 1.0 and 2.0 go?

In this article we will talk about the web 3.0 and try to give an overview of what it is and why it’s important.

Imagine a new type of internet that not only…

A snapshot of eligible holders has now been taken, as per the criteria stated in our Incubator Overview

You can view a list of our whitelisted addresses here

You can view the results of the Enthusiast Tier Lottery here.

Those who engaged in the promote to earn activities earned higher odds in the above draw

Pre-Sale Details

The Pre Sale will occur on Saturday, 8th of January 2022 at 8pm…

In this article, we deep dive into our latest incubator project ONINO, clarify key dates and the eligibility criteria for PRYZ holders.

What is ONINO?

ONINO is the simplest solution for your web 3.0 identity. A layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. …

PRYZ is proud to announce the next incubator pre-sale going live on the 8th of January 2022: ONINO

All PRYZ holders will be elgibile to participate in the pre-sale depending on the tier level of your wallet and completion of staking requirements.

As we enter 2022 on the back of…

After much anticipation, we are now able to reveal the Brucie Bonus to selected investors who qualified via receiving the key (PNFT), unlocking access to the #💎-brucie-bonus channel in the TBWS Club Discord server.

The specific details have now been revealed in the Discord ONLY due to the legalities of…

Hi All,

To celebrate the release of the PRYZ Farm,Swap and Pools the team have decided to deliver an early present to those who have stuck with us and invested in the 2.0 Private sale.

You can now claim your first batch of pre sale 2.0 tokens early. They are available by clicking the link below and connecting the wallet you contributed with.

Don’t forget the pools and farms are open.

Merry Christmas


Introducing the PRYZ and PRYZx Farm, Pools and Exchange.

On our mission to deliver a full suit of tools connecting the blockchain. PRYZ is proud to announce the first stage in our development, the launch of the PRYZX protocol.

Granting users access to Staking/Farming abilities utilising the PRYZ and PRYZX…

PRYZ Token

PRYZ Token, aiming to connect Entrepreneurs to the Blockchain

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